_Vitamin D is The Best Source to Muscle Strength in Older Adults _Finds New Study

_Vitamin D is The Best Source to Muscle Strength in Older Adults _Finds New Study

Do you intake enough Vitamin D in your diet? No? Well, then it is time to increase the amount of Vitamin D you consume daily if you don’t want to suffer from inferior muscle health. 

This especially goes out to older adults. If there is a lack of Vitamin D in your system, then your independence, mobility, and health quality might be compromised.

Researchers looked into the health of four thousand and one hundred people in the age range of sixty years. The study found out that every four out of ten people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. 

_Vitamin D is The Best Source to Muscle Strength in Older Adults _Finds New Study

Vitamin D deficiency results in impaired muscle performance. The study showed that more than 25 percent of the population is suffering from this issue, whereas only 7 percent have solid muscle strength. 

Thought Vitamin D2 and D3 in any form is naturally inactive, they are activated when they come in contact with enzyme actions. These two enzyme actions occur in the kidney and the liver. 

Additionally, the study highlighted the merits of regular exercise. Participants who have regular exercise are less likely to suffer from weak muscle strength.

Maintaining muscle strength is essential in all age groups. However, this crucial component is overlooked when it comes to adults’ health concerns. 

Somehow, the elderly come to believe that the best way to be healthy is by resting. While the rest is also required, moderate physical activity is vital to keep the metabolism productive. 

So gear up people. You might be aging, but it does not mean that you have to depend on others for your mobility. You can do all the work yourself and maintain your dignity even when you get old.

You cannot stop aging, of course, but you can age gracefully. Get in the sun, put some Vitamin D in your system, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s all it takes to have a better, more robust, and productive life. Don’t wait up! Start today.