Bella Thorne’s New Girlfriend Revealed In Steamy Photos

Bella Thorne’s New Girlfriend Revealed In Steamy Photos

Bella Thorne has given a sneak peek into the new romance in her life, and although the star has a new girlfriend, she has not completely finished things with her boyfriend.

Bella took to Instagram on Sunday and posted some very private photos of herself laying around in bed with a woman.

“She’s so so so cute … the only fire I have dated that’s camera shy,” she wrote in the caption of the photos.

The mystery woman’s face is hidden by her hand, keeping her identity as private as possible, but Bella definitely opiner that the relationship was worthy enough to be made official on her Instagram handle.

Bella Thorne’s New Girlfriend Revealed In Steamy Photos

Definitely she’s smitten but Bella hasn’t altogether ended things with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, who made his opinion on the new relationship let known.

“You both are cute, like really cute,” Benjamin wrote underneath the pictures of his girlfriend and her girlfriend.

Bella and Benjamin have been in a windy and hot relationship since earlier this year after the very public breakup with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mod Sun.

However, Benjamin resides in Italy, so it’s given a huge chance that Bella is also seeking for companionship when she’s at home.

The star, who recently bagged an award for directing an adult film, has told on not wanting to be boxed in about her sexuality.

She has earlier dated other women like the YouTube star Tana Mongeau.

That relationship lasted until Tana got hitched to co-social media influencer, Jake Paul.

Bella appears to be extremely happy, and has made a huge comeback from her emotional stress previously this year after taking public directs and having to deal with personal trauma.


Not only was she recovering her breakup with Mod Sun, but the star also told she was a helpless victim of a nude photo hack, and then got into a huge battle with Whoopi Goldberg after she decided to release her own nude photos to prevent a storm.