Sharon Van Etten Is Back With A New Single “Beaten Down”

Sharon Van Etten Is Back With A New Single “Beaten Down”

After the much-acclaimed single, Remind Me Tomorrow, Sharon Van Etten is back with her new single “Beaten Down”.

Etten is back after taking a break of a complete 1 year. The beautiful song is a little dark but is based on love, empathy, and patience.

It also talks about staying strong through the life-changing decisions you make.

The black and white video that is directed by Juliana and Nicky Giraffe, adds to the whole feel.

The other very noticeable elements about the video are the stunning outfits, a pair of twin dancers (played by Veronica and Allison Huber) and a horse that makes the video visually impactful. 

Sharon Van Etten Is Back With A New Single “Beaten Down”

Along with the much-awaited song from Sharon Van Etten after a very long time from her last release, it was the video that stirred emotions amongst her fans.

The video is shot in California to capture the mountains in black and white. Along with the mountains, running horses across the scene and Sharon Van Etten riding a horse in a white suit, also walking with it in a few scenes is a serene treat to the eyes. 

Flowy jumpsuits and elegant dance moves from the twin dancers also acted as the mood setters for the sad song.

There has been no news of an album arrival by Sharon Van Etten so it can be assumed much like her last release Remind me Tomorrow in 2019 that this song “Beaten Down” shall be a standalone as well.

But in contrast, the song isn’t anything like the earlier one. While Remind me tomorrow was a song for the pop-culture Beaten Down is slow and impactful, which stirs a lot of feelings to the listeners. 

The keyboard played with the words makes the song more meaningful. In an interview, the Giraffes who directed the video said that they wanted to make the video striking but psychedelic for which they chose the Californian desert to welcome Sharon’s returning song.